The contract of Amanat is one of the contracts in Islamic law which is like to trust in common-law. The contract may be written or oral. According to the contract, a person (A) gives his property or money to someone else (B) to keep for him (A) freely As long as he (A) returns and gets the money or property back again.

In Iran’s Civil Code, Articles 607 to 634 deal with Amanat. According to article 612, the trustee must keep the َproperty in a way that the owner has ordered or in a Conventional way.

Hasan Nalchigar was a Blacksmith in the city of Zanjan of Azerbaijan. One day someone came to his workshop “would you please keep this bike for me? I’ll come back and get it back” he said. “Of course” Blacksmith replied. The bike owner went and never returned.

 Hasan Nalchigar kept the bike for 45 years. For 45 years He put the bicycle in front of his workshop every morning. Finally, he died on 19 Dec 2018 at age 82.  Now his statue is installed in Zanjan city while the bike is beside him.َ

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