I don’t fit into both worlds

Translation of a poem by İmadəddin Nəsimi (1369 – 1417) an Azerbaijanian poet He was killed in Syria (Aleppo) for his ideas. his skin was separated from his body and his body was chopped to pieces.

He says :

Both worlds fit into me I don’t fit into both worlds (This world and the hereafter)

I am a placeless gem (essence) I don’t fit into the place

Throne and terrain, B and E all was understood in me (God said “be” and the universe was began)

End your words be silent I don’t fit into Descriptions and Expressions

The universe is my sine; the starting point of me goes to the essence

You know with this sign, that I don’t fit into the sign

With suspicion and impression, no one can grasp the truth

The one who knows the truth knows that I don’t fit into suspicion and impression

Look at the form and the concept, Know inside the form that

I’m composed of body and soul but I don’t fit into body and soul

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