How can you rent an office in Iran?

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You may want to rent an office in Iran to do your business

You have to pay a lot for this, so be careful

In this regard, you should be aware of the domestic rules in Iran

Ask the landlord for necessary documentation regarding the rental property

For instance, you cannot rent a residential building for office or commercial purposes

Therefore, you must see the documentation regarding the use of the property

Check the documents that are required at the time of renting:

Ownership documents (all pages)

Note that the property is not in the bank’s mortgage

See national card for property owner.  Ins Insert a copy of it in the file

The exact postal address of the landlord or landlords along with the contact number and postcode

Certificate of the end of the building works and non-compliance issued from municipality

The latest bills of utilities and telephone and gas

Property registration certificate to insure that the property is not seized by Legal authorities

Documents on payment of tax debts and municipal taxes

Conclusion of a rental agreement

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