Essence of Human

It is nonsense: “I think, therefore I am” (Descartes)

Rumi says:

It’s strange that your being is inside the prison

While your prison key is in your own hands

In that sense:

The existence of man is in the prison of his mind

Prison of his thoughts; Anger; hatred; grudge, and expectancies thinking of property and assets that he considers himself equivalent to them

 Prison of pains

 His Mind grabbed his tether and pulled him

 The key to this prison is in his hands

 He can open and leave the jail

When you leave the mind the door of jail opens

Self-awareness does not require thinking

Thinking is bubbles on your essence

You are not your thoughts

You are not your anger; your pains; and your hatred

You are not your property; your children; your beauty;

That if each of them is taken by the world you feel annihilated

If you are aware of your essence at any moment without thinking, you are out of jail.

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